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Senator Golden’s S.5468-A and Assembly Members Braunstein & Gottfried’s A.7531 call for a 3-year extension of the property tax abatement program for qualifying Home owners in NYC cooperatives and condominiums. Write today to your Albany representatives to urge swift passage of this important extender legislation.

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NYC Department of Sanitation
Launches New Website

The NYC Department of Sanitation has launched a new website:, which combines the separate DSNY and NYC Recycles websites into one comprehensive resource to meet the City’s goals of a fast, direct, and helpful site. It's now mobile-friendly (as is our newsletter!), so you can access information on-the-go. Be sure to check back, as we are updating and adding new content in phases.

NYC Recycles
The new site has three main sections for recycling information: Residents, Schools, and Businesses. Everything you need to know about recycling can be found at:

Check out the Resources section to learn about recycling programs for apartment buildings, including e-cycleNYC and re-fashioNYC, which provide free and convenient electronics and textile recycling collection.
Compost and Organic Waste Collection

Whether you’re in our NYC Organics Collection pilot, or want to compost at home or in your community, get information here:

Curious about the City’s snow removal? We’ve got a section for that, too, under Streets and Sidewalks.

NYSERDA Seminars to Help Building Owners Take Advantage of Energy Efficiency

Free Events in Manhattan Will Detail How to Improve Building Performance and Control Costs With Support from Multifamily Experts

ALBANY—Energy efficiency offers a practical solution to complex, persistent challenges impacting the performance of multifamily buildings. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is holding seminars for building owners and developers in both Manhattan and Rochester this September and October to discuss the high value of investment in energy efficiency projects.

The free seminars will connect multifamily building owners, property managers, developers and board members of condominium and co-op associations with the resources they need to start saving through customizable energy efficiency programs in NYSERDA’s Multifamily Energy Performance Portfolio. Participants will receive an overview of the technical assistance and financial support available and will hear from experts about how energy improvements in existing buildings and new construction reduce energy costs.

Properties that make energy efficiency upgrades through the programs can generally realize significant cost savings—up to 20 percent or more—and offer residents units that are more comfortable, healthier and sustainable.

Multiple session options are available for building owners, managers, developers and condo / co-op board members to choose from at the following locations and times:

Manhattan, Tuesday, Sept. 9 at the SUNY Global Center in the Global Classroom, 116 East 55th Street, New York, N.Y. 10022
8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Manhattan, Wednesday, Nov. 12
at the SUNY Global Center in the Global Classroom, 116 East 55th Street, New York, N.Y. 10022
8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Get expert help from approved Partners for building upgrades, from start to finish
  • Choose program options to meet the specific needs of their buildings and business priorities
  • Take advantage of cash-back financial support and affordable financing

Register for these free seminars at

The seminar series will also include afternoon sessions for contractors, builders, HVAC specialists and non-profit advocacy organizations interested in growing their business by becoming a Multifamily Performance Program Partner. Each Partner session will take place at the same locations and dates listed above from noon to 2:00 p.m.

Attendees at this session will learn about NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program, its benefits to Partners, and the steps necessary to become one.

To learn more about becoming a Multifamily Performance Program Partner and to register for an afternoon session, go to

Fuel Oil Conversions
Guidance Document from the DEP

The city is in the final year of phasing out the use of #6 fuel oil. The DEP has developed a guidance document that provides a quick step approach for users who have not completed the conversion process, which includes the proper filling of all documents with the DEP. We would appreciate your sharing this document with your members. If your members are not certain of the status of their equipment or fuel oil type they can click on the link near the bottom of the page titled “DEP Status”. Contact numbers are provided in the document.

Click to Download Document (Word Format)


CNYC has agreed to help with a comparative study of condominium living and governance in New York City and Toronto being conducted by Professor Setha Low and the Public Space Research Group (PSRG) at the Graduate Center of CUNY. Research associates Jennifer Ortiz and Helen Panagiotopoulos are eager to interview unit owners and board members about their experiences of living in a condo. An interview takes about half an hour and includes general questions about condo life. If you would like to participate or to receive more detailed information about this exciting project, please reply to, noting that you are replying to the CNYC posting. Thank you so much for your interest and participation.

CCR Postcard


Is your building's newsletter top-notch? Let the world know!'s Co-op & Condo Newsletter Gallery is now open!

The Gallery is a special section of this website dedicated to displaying newsletters provided by our member buildings, and to giving recognition for all the hard work that goes into creating them.

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To submit your building's newsletter for the Gallery, please send a PDF version to, or mail a hard copy of the newsletter to:

250 West 57th Street, Suite 730
New York, NY 10107
Attn: Newsletter Gallery

If you have questions, please send an email to


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