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Thursday, July 20, 2017
7 – 9 PM
Location to be announced

Condominiums are now a common form of apartment ownership in New York City. Many condominium issues, and laws involving condominiums, are being developed and decided currently. It is common for the new unit owner (and the new Board member) to not yet grasp all of the concepts, issues and laws involving condominiums. In addition, Board members often have little or no experience in operating a building. In this seminar, Andrew P. Brucker, Esq., a past Chairman of the Coop/Condo Law Committee of the New York City Bar, will provide Board members and unit owners in condominiums an analysis of the issues they will face. Among the topics to be covered are the contents of the basic condominium documents (i.e. the Declaration and By-laws), the powers, duties and responsibilities of the Board, the role of the Sponsor, and the business judgment rule and is application to decisions of the Board. The class is not limited to new Board members, as a complete review of condominium documents and laws would be helpful to all Board members, and even unit owners. Advance registration is required.  The class is free if your condominium is a member of CNYC, FNYHC, ARC or CAO (members of these organizations - please call or email the CNYC office to reserve); non-members are welcome at a fee of $50 payable in advance. To pre-reserve, use the link below. Or call CNYC at (212) 496-7400, or send e-mail to If you do not pay online, please send payment to CNYC at 250 West 57 Street, Suite 730, NYC 10107. To pay at the door, preregister and add $15.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017
7 PM
Location to be announced

For decades, CNYC and the Action Committee for Reasonable Real Estate Taxes have sought reform in New York City’s property tax structure to treat all taxpayers fairly. For almost as long, CNYC has opposed legislative attempts to control the Admissions Process in housing cooperatives. And CNYC also supports many legislative proposals which it considers beneficial to its members. With the Albany legislative session at a close and the City’s new fiscal year just begun, this class will look at a variety of legislative proposals of interest to cooperatives and condominiums, with updates on their status and suggestions for how participants can become more involved in the legislative process, to the benefit of the cooperative and condominium communities that are their homes. There is no fee for CNYC members and subscribers to attend this class, or for members of ARC, UHAB and FNYHC , but advance registration is required. Non-affiliates are welcome at a fee of $50. Reserve your place by calling CNYC at (212) 496-7400 or register by clicking the link below to register online.

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Tuesdays, Sept. 19 & 26, 2017
6:00 - 9:30 PM
Location to be announced

In this 2-session class, attorney Marc Luxemburg and property manager Gregory Carlson examine all aspects of operating cooperatives. The class is limited to board members of housing cooperatives. It is jointly sponsored by CNYC, the Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives and Condominiums and the Association of Riverdale Cooperatives, each of whose members attend at the member rate. Advanced registration is required. A light supper is served in the break. The cost is $125 per person if your cooperative is a member of CNYC; ARC or FNYHC, $200 for non-members. Pre- reserve, by phone (212) 496- 7400 or e-mail to Payment sent to CNYC at 250 West 57 Street, Suite 730, NYC 10107 confirms your registration. There is a surcharge of $15 for late payment.

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